Sixty two moons, five cultures!

This project was inspired by my love for the full moon, it is a love that is mingled with fear; a swoon-worthy combo for those who are emotionally driven. Fifteen years ago I worked the night shift at a call center (read long quiet hours to draw and read Tolstoy while everyone else slept), and it was well known that the full moon caused babies to be born, made the sick die, exacerbated madness, and resulted in crankier callers to customer service centers. I began to track the full moon at this time in order to bolster myself against CODE calls and irate Nikon camera users. More than a decade of moon tracking has brought the moon and I quite close; so when I needed a project to help me through a time of transition, moon paintings were a natural choice.

Originally, I just wanted to create the 13 moons from the Farmer's Almanac for personal use and to help me avoid watching trashy TV or drinking wine when I felt like escaping. Soon after starting, I realized that I hadn't been nearly as ambitious as I should have been. My sketchbook had 60 pages of fresh, beautiful, thick paper, so I decided to fill the sketchbook with the 12 primary moons from five different cultures. I consider it my cross cultural lunar education, and I already have plans to choose five new cultures next year.