Kind of a Love Story *Full Story in One Place*

This little story woke me up at 3 am. I frantically wrote and illustrated it and shared a page per day on Instagram during the June/July 2017 moon cycle. Kind of a Love Story is dedicated to every person who has had their heart demolished by love.

She sits loving on the flowers and minding her own business

It begins

She responds, perhaps a bit too enthusiastically

Her beautiful heart.

He gets nervous.

Fight or flight kicks in.

What is left after the ordeal

She finds that her heart doesn't work right anymore.

Her friends get tired of hearing about it

She meets a new friend with some advice.

She takes his advice.

She realizes the little pieces of her heart are still heavy despite wine, so she tries to get rid of some.

He leaves the little piece of her heart behind.

She kind of loses it.

She gets tired and falls asleep in the hot lava she has been ignoring.

She finally gets some constructive feedback in the form of a dream.

She begins to explore the mystery of what exactly a light machine could be.

She gives self help a solid shot.

She tries to cobble her heart together using what she is learning.

In her quest for self actualization she becomes a bit smug.

She gets carried away as usual.

And takes gratitude to the extreme

It is all too much and she falls apart again.

In her darkest hour an old friend calls out to her.

And she remembers.

*If you would like to share! Several people have contacted me asking if they could share this story on their own blog/website/pinterest acct. Of course you may! Please just give me credit and link back to this page. Also, please let me know if you do choose to share so I can check your work out, you can email me through the contact page, or can just comment below. Thanks!

*Just a note for those of you who made it to the end, Thank you so much for reading! And, "Kind of a Love Story is a real book now. The original copies don't have the narration that is on this page, but the narrated copies do. Click below to buy either edition if you would like. Signed copies are also available on my Etsy Shop


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